mgt 401 real world negotitation assignment

You have to use my real world negotitation outline for the real world negotition report.

Real World Negotiation report(due Tuesday March 31st by noon on BlackBoard)a. Situation overview – what was the situation (1 paragraph overview of the “big picture”)b. Your preparation – write 2 paragraphs about what you did specifically to prepare for the negotiation. Attach your planning document at the end of the paper and reference it. c. Negotiation setting – 1 paragraph describing the relevant aspects of the setting (e.g., face-to-face or mediated by technology, location, were other people around, any time pressure? etc.) d. Negotiation process – 1 page describing the actual back and forth negotiation process. Use key concepts to assess and analyze the strategic landscape of the negotiation. Go beyond simply naming concepts and use them to explain, describe, and analyze the situation.e. Outcome – what were the outcomes/results?(1 paragraph)NOTE: You will not be penalized for writing about a failed negotiation – we can learn much from negotiations that fail! f. Self-reflection – 1 page reflecting on yourself as a negotiator. What did you learn about your strengths, weaknesses, style, skills, or about your emotional reactions, biases, or triggers? What takeaway learningabout negotiation did you gain? Did it it help you meet your course goals?

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