midterm blog project


For this blog assignment, your target audience is:

1. People in Butte and Southwest Montana that are interested in environmental issues

2. Montana Tech students and potential students

A blog is written for the general public and should focus on an issue that excites people. How do you “excite” people?

§ Focus on a current event at the local or state level

§ Include an interesting perspective that you wouldn’t normally see in the media

§ Good construction: Hook, body, conclusion

For your blog, focus on a current or ongoing event in Butte or Montana. (National events are fine, too, but you must write about the local/state significance.) Then, relate that event to a subject we’ve covered in class:

§ Pollution prevention

§ Life Cycle Assessment

§ ISO 14000

§ Environmental Economics

§ Environmental Justice and Ethics

§ Sustainability

Although you want to inform, don’t get bogged down with a lot of details. Keep your blog relevant and interesting for your target audience.

Technical details

1. 650 – 750 words

2. Include an original picture (i.e. one that you took or drew)

3. Include a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself

4. Include 3-5 key words or “tags”

5. Include hyperlinks where readers can find additional information. (Use hyperlinks rather than including references at the end.)

Potential Topics

1. The Parrott tailings removal

2. Greeley neighborhood dust

3. Chemistry of the Berkeley Pit (Why did it change colors?)

4. P2 efforts for a local business

5. Climate change, forest fires, and pine beetles

6. Health of fish in Silverbow Creek

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