mkt315 week 9 discussion 1 and response

Week 9 Discussion 1

“Electronic Marketing Channels” Please respond to the following:

  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of electronic marketing channels.
  • Indicate when it would be a competitive advantage for a company to utilize electronic marketing channels. Provide an illustration to make your point.



RE: Week 9 Discussion 1

Professor and Classmates,

One of the main advantages of electronic marketing is the generation of purchasing traffic. Whether a consumer does an organic search such as just utilizing a search engine, or they have been referred to a product through another website such as Facebook, the Internet’s digital marketing footprint is everywhere. A possible disadvantage competitively however, is that electronic marketing lends itself to purchasing more specific products-though the availability of different products is astronomical. This lessens the time spent as foot traffic in a brick and mortar store where a consumer does not take or make the time to browse and possibly remember the “oh I need this while I’m here” product. An example of this is online Grocery shopping. An order is placed, purchased and assembled, and the consumer can choose to pick up in person or in some instances have delivered. Since the purchase has been finalized the opportunity to grab that forgotten item before leaving or see a discounted promotional product at the check out line.…

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