multicultural interview assignment 2

-You will answer the questions for yourself. Once the questions have been answered, you will write a paper comparing your responses to the responses of the person you interviewed. There is not a page limit, but it must be thorough and in-depth. You will need to include your reaction to their responses and how they are the same or different from your own. You will also need to reflect on your experience doing the interview, and how it may or may not have changed an opinion you have or had about the other person’s culture, gender, age or ability. Lastly, include why you think it would be important to reflect on your own upbringing and get to know the upbringing of the families in your schools.


1. What year were you born?

2. How would you define your culture?

3. What is your birth order (first, middle, last)?

4. How did your birth order play a role in how you grew up (more responsibilities, less responsibilities, etc.)?

5. What were some of the beliefs and values of your family?

6. What are some stereotypes that people might have about your culture, race, and ethnicity? Did those positively or negatively impact you growing up?

7. What were some of your experiences in school? Were they positive or negative? How did they impact how you grew up?

8. Were there any community programs that you were involved in? What was your role?

9. Were there any world events happening that impacted how you grew up? What was the impact?

10. Do you still have some of the same beliefs and values now, as an adult?

11. What changed and stayed the same? Why?

12. Do you believe that your experiences and relationships played a role in how you developed your beliefs and values? Why or why not?

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