my profession is federal probation officer 5 pages

You are to choose a profession within the criminal justice system. You will research the position

and write about the profession in general, job qualifications, hiring process, job duties, starting

pay, pay raises, and upward mobility. The paper is to be a minimum of 7 pages, including the

cover sheet and works cited page. The paper is to be written using the MLA style format (12pt.

font, Arial or Times New Roman). The research paper is worth 50 points of the total grade.

Page 1: Cover Sheet

Pages 2-6: Research paper

Page 7: Works Cited (3 sources minimum)

You will also be required to do a PowerPoint presentation on your research. The presentation is

to be a minimum of 5 minutes but not more than 15 minutes. The presentation is worth 50

points of the total grade.

The PowerPoints is to have a minimum of 4 slides but not more than 10.


Slide 1: Career

Slide 2: Application and hiring process

Slide 3: Job Duties

Slide 4: Pay and upward mobility

**There will be no presentations without the research paper**

Point Deductions:

Not using legitimate sources:,, etc. are not acceptable.

The paper (body) is not at least 5 pages long.

No works cited page or incorrect citing.

Over-spacing, changing margins, using larger font than instructed

Remember that this project is 20 % of your final grade!

MLA Style Format:

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