Logistics for Day of In-flight Education Downlink Plan

Several logistical details go into planning the downlink as well as the activities surrounding it that day. Describe logistical tasks such as collecting and selecting questions to ask crew members, collecting Talent Authorization Forms (required for anyone that appears on NASA TV), transportation required to get participants to the facility (if needed), the activities surrounding the downlink and community partnership involvement.

What are some tips for creating a strong logistics plan?

• Do not make the downlink your only activity for the day.

• Invite community partners to participate in presentations or providing activities during the day. List community partners that have made a commitment to help out on the day of the event.

• Include plans for rehearsing the downlink before the event.

• Include plans to collect talent authorization forms for participants that appear on NASA TV.

• Provide a sample schedule about the day including educational activities and logistical activities.

Virtual Audience Event Contingency Plan

In-flight Education Downlink are powerful events, inspiring participants in an audience. If local circumstances do not allow for a safe physical gathering, the downlink format may change from an in-person audience to an event with a completely virtual audience. An event with a virtual audience requires questions submitted as videos. Include the organization’s contingency plan to facilitate the downlink as a virtual event.

What are some tips for creating a strong virtual audience event contingency plan?

• Give specific and detailed information on the process for collecting and selecting video questions from participants.

• Give specific and detailed information on the process for collecting Talent Authorization Forms from participants.

• Use a platform and create a program that will engage participants in more than the 20-minute downlink.

• Be creative on using community partnerships to enhance the virtual event.

• Think about strategies to include participants who lack resources to succeed in virtual learning.

• Think about how you will measure the impact of the downlink on the virtual audience.

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