need help with group project due 3 11 20

Advice Question 3, Pg. 291: 250 words Chapter 8

New Perspective: Question 1 pg 291 250 words Chapter 8

  1. Must show that you understand the issues presented at the beginning of each chapter. “I” should be able to read your report and understand what issues Kimball’s is facing. This will include You are not to copy and paste from the book. You can summarize the information.
  2. Must address the questions in the “Kimball’s Revisited” and “New Perspectives” section that are located at the end of each chapter. I do not want to hunt for your recommendations or answers to questions. They should be well organized and clearly marked with section headings.
  3. I want charts and/or visuals when appropriate. Examples:
    1. There should be an organizational chart for chapter 1. I will want to see who the people are in the organization and what role they play. (You will most likely have multiple organizational charts as things change in the company).
    2. A table or embedded excel worksheet
    3. A picture or specs of hardware, software (you can definitely copy and paste those types of items from Internet)
    4. Links to additional information.
  4. Formatting should be uniform throughout the document.
  5. It MUST look professional. Something that you would show your employer or client.

DUE: 3/11/20

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