one and a half page essay 2

  • Prompt: As your generation leads the way to growing LGBTQ acceptance, will we see the shattering off heteronormative American culture? (Think Mayor Pete!) How have issues of diversity, inclusion and exclusion, regarding race, gender, sexuality, culture, come into play in your own lives?
  • Readings/Viewings:

The Brain in Love– Helen Fisher

What is gender blending?Out Magazine

“Call me Caitlyn”– Vanity Fair

Life as Sara. What it’s like to be transgender when you’re not Caitlyn Jenner – Washington Post

A Kinsey retrospective — two studies sparked a revolution – LA Times

Fight for gay rights started early in LA– LA Times, 1994 (recalling pre-Stonewall riots)

Does Campus Diversity Promote Friendship Diversity? A Look at Interracial Friendships in College – Social Science Quarterly

A new disease’s deadly odyssey– New York Times, 1983

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