oral religions

1. Read Sections (I) A-D, (II) A and (III) intro-A in “The Native American Religious and Cultural Freedom Essay” (2005).

i will provde you the essay once you select this question:

A. Describe an oral native tradition in the Americas and describe two ways in which “ORALITY” has contributed to the erosion of some native traditions in the Americas.

B. Read this part carefully before answering the following questions: How would you define a native tradition as religious or not religious, if a native culture did not make such distinctions about their practices? What is one negative implication and one positive implication to not having distinctions about what is religious and what is not religious? More specifically, how would the Federal government determine how to provide equal religious protection under US laws to a native group, if a native group and the government can’t define what is religious and what is not religious in native cultures?

2. Watch the videos below and follow the instructions.

A. click link below to watch a video of a speech by PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk.


click link below to watch a video of Earth First weeping for the destruction of trees.


  • write down the definition you submitted in the orientation check: which I wrote “Religion can bring individuals closer than ever. Religion is someone’s beliefs and what they practice. Religion is very important. It shapes peoples morals, traditions, and beliefs.”

2. Replace the word Animal in the name “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” with women, children, prisoners, plants, robots, chairs and cars. Based on your definition of religion from the orientation assignment, can Ms. Newkirk’s beliefs and those of Earth First be connected to religion? Based on your definition of religion, can the prohibitions sought by PETA and Earth First be interpreted as modern taboos? What is the difference between aversions against eating certain types of meat (human or animal) and secular regulations against the same? Are humans worth more than their food (The animals and plants we eat)? What role does religion play in answering these questions.

2. Compare the ceremony performed by the Earth First group with those of religious groups such as Native Americans. What are some similarities and differences?

B. click link below watch a video which compares environmentalism with religion.


What common themes could modern religions or some secular movements share with animists an/or other ancient religious movements?

Go back to your definition of religion. Compare the statements of the speaker in the video with your definition of religion. In what ways would environmentalism fall within or outside of your definition?

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