organizing the project 1

This work has a lot of steps so be carful and give me any suggestion you see it’s better.

The project is an Emergency Operations Plan on King Fahad General Hospital in Medinah, Saudi Arabia.

1. Read the attached files carefully and then organize them into one file, there is a lot of same informations you will find in each file, make sure you don’t double the same information in the last file you organize.

2. After you finish for the organizing change what it’s written in the introduction, method, design, and any other place about what have been written on it regarding the (Table Top Exercise “TTX”). To make the Idea clear, instead of making HVA and TTX, the project will be HVA, THIRA, COOP, suggestion on the old plan they have, and Evacuation plan.

3. When you finish from the upper steps, here is the part I want you make write which is the Evacuation plan. In addition, read the suggestion under the TTX part and adjust them as necessary.

4. After you finish from these steps make sure that “Grammatically” and “Linguistically” everything on track, change the future tense to present, change the words such as Study to Project, change the project to Passive voice, and so on.

5. Add what’s in the HVA document that you wrote in the other work also to the file.

6. There is words and sentences need to be removed that asked for survey or group discussion and so on, I don’t want the Project to go through Institutional Review Board (IRB), so make sure after you finish everything that that project will make no survey nor will affect any human by any kind.

7. Last thing, create a new Table for the project and give me any suggestions you see that it’s better to do in this project.

Make sure that the final project from 40 to 100, there too much already here so feel free to remove anything necessary.

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