overcoming stage fright

Overcoming Stage Fright (Obj. 4) What makes you most nervous when making a presentation before class? Consider the following questions:

1. Are you afraid of becoming tongue-tied?

2. Do you become nervous when all eyes are on you?

3. What if you forgot what you wanted to say

4. Do you think you will mess up?

5. Do you think you will look silly or that people will laugh at you?

Consider Objective 4 outlined below.

Your Task: Read in Chapter 14 the section on overcoming stage fright, I have attached this reading as an attachment.

and also Google Stage Fright to gain some ideas. Then describe the steps you should take to minimize being nervous and what to do to be an effective presenter.

Word Count: 350 (Place the word count at the bottom of the letter.)

Obj. 4: Specify delivery techniques for use before, during, and after a presentation. Before your talk, prepare a sentence outline on note cards or speaker’s notes and rehearse repeatedly. Check the room, lectern, and equipment. During the presentation, consider beginning with a pause and presenting your first sentence from memory. Speak freely and extemporaneously, commenting on your slides or canvas but using no other notes. Make eye contact, control your voice, speak and move naturally, and avoid digressions. After your talk, distribute handouts and answer questions. End gracefully and express appreciation.

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