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What is innovation? Why should companies innovate?

Step 1:

For this task, you will begin to look for innovation all around you. You should use your Innovation Journal (found in Important Documents) to help you accomplish this task. First, download the Innovation Journal.

Step 2:

Second, find a product, service or process that you believe needs to be innovated. Then, sit in a common area and observe the product, service, or process. This may take place in your office, a coffee shop, or on a park bench. Begin to look at the world around you. Take notes of common problems people have. Is there a way to make these problems disappear with an innovative product or process?

                          • Research the company that currently owns the process or product.
                          • Observe people that use the product or process.
                          • Scrutinize the product or process.
                          • Observe the product or process in use.
                          • Research the creator of the product or process.
                          • Research the changes that the product or process has gone through.
                          • Determine why the product needs to change.

Step 3: Are you creative? Are you innovative? Can you become creative or innovative?

Think about a time you were creative. Take notes in your Innovation Journal about:

  • How did it feel? Where were you? How old were you?
  • Find a creative person and observe them.
  • What do they do to get into a creative mood? What do they create? Is it always a success?
  • Do something creative.
  • Think about what creativity and innovation have in common.
Step 4: Explore your passion

Think about your passion. Use these guiding questions to help you get started thinking about your passion. When you were growing up, what did you want to be? What encouraged you to be that? What stopped you? What are you passionate about? Research passionate companies. What does a passionate company look like?

Step 5: Explore Innovation

Look at some innovative companies. What makes them innovative?


Passionately describe your creative side. You may use all notes from your Innovation Journal Notes to help you accomplish this task.

Describe a product, service or process and its attraction in the marketplace. Demonstrates why it is a positive move for the company and the expected effect. You may use all notes from your Innovation Journal Notes to help you accomplish this task.

Provide a minimum of 2 full pages. Support your work with academic literature in the form of APA formatted cites and references.

Upload your 2-page assignment using one Word file

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