paper about peter lynch

For the purpose of this exercise, students will choose a well-known investor/portfolio manager (Peter Lynch) for which they will conduct an investment theory analysis. The analysis of the money manager should culminate with students creating an in depth analysis of the personality, and theories followed by the manager chosen. Students will be evaluated on the depth, and scope of the analysis as well as its applicability to an investment portfolio.

The specific components of the proposed analysis should include:

  • Introduction and history
  • Education and professional history
  • Investment theories used and materials read by the manager
  • Investment theory of the manager and application of it
  • Success analysis (analyzing positions taken and the success of investments)
  • Conclusion and application of investment theory

The written plan will address the following components of the Capstone Business Plan and students should be able to complete the following through this project:

Section 1: Introduction and History

  • Description of the upbringing of the portfolio manager chosen
  • Analysis and reflection of how this history influences the managers mind set and investment characteristics

Section 2: Personal culture/education and strategy

  • Describe the managers culture, and based on this culture the strategy he/she takes in business
  • Education and influential personalities that built the investment thesis for the manager
  • Books, research and materials read by the author that helped build his/her investment theory

Section 3: Investment Management

  • What is the management culture?
  • What is the type of analysis carried out on the managers investments
  • What are some well-known successful investments done by the manager?

Section 4: Application

  • Describe an application plan for the analyzed theories and methodologies of investment
  • Analyze skills required to carry on this investment strategy
  • Analysis of current positions and possible future investments, based on the theory and investment thesis

The written paper is to be typed single –spaced, 1’ margins, Ariel and 11-point font, page length between 8-10, with correct spelling and grammar, proper citation, references, with a cover page and organized with headings. The instructor’s approval of the topic is required.

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