part a discussion part b reply to two paragraph provided

Part A::: Choose a short section from the article about Irish immigration(WORD FILE-Attached). Copy and paste the sentence or section into your discussion post. Along with this sentence or section, briefly explain how your choice illustrates the concept of change over time. You should also answer the following questions in your post:

  • How does this article give you a better understanding of the changing perception of Irish immigrants in America?
  • What forces allowed the Irish to be assimilated into U.S. culture despite initial resistance?

Part B::: In response to the paragraph below, compare and contrast their understanding of the changing perceptions of Irish immigrants to your own understanding of those changing perceptions. reply to two paragraph separately.

Post 1: “Scots-Irish immigrants in the 18th century were much like other British colonists: they were not well-to-do, but most were skilled and fairly well-educated, and of course, they were Protestant. For that reason, they had little difficulty assimilating into American society”. My understanding of Irish culture has improved a bit after reading this article. They are a very proud people and seem to hold close to their culture. Understanding their early on challenges has peeked my interest. What helped the Irish to assimilate despite the way they were viewed by Americans, was the fact that they were educated and educated. They also took advantage of opportunities to unite together for a cause, such as rallying in NY’s Union Square and joining heritage units. The Irish were considered heroes after the fight at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.

Post 2: The article gives me a better understanding about Irish immigrants because when they first came over there was a lot of uncertainty on how they would get along and how well they would play baseball. Pretty soon, people recognized that the irish had serious talent. One ballplayer, Mike Kelley, drew so much attention that fans actually pitched in to buy him a home. Some of the forces that allowed Irish immigrants to be assimilated were their hard work, quick witted comments, and brutal honesty. When talking about Irish umpire, Tim Hurst, one ball player said , “He kept control of the game, though some players found the quick-witted Hurst so entertaining that they started arguments with him just to hear him talk in his colorful Irish accent.” I can relate to this because people love to here my Irish family get riled up due to the explicit comments and sometimes funny sounding Irish accent.

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