pc card group project only do assignment 2

This is our group project, I need to do assignment 2 only with the Excel file!!!

The fourth attached files is for my group member to fill in.

Assignment 2

Your second task is to critically evaluate the PCard Program Manual for the University by completing the following steps:

1. Figure 2 provides a Risk-Control Matrix. Complete the following columns in the providedRisk-Control Matrix: Risk, Control from the University PCard Program Manual, Person Performing the Control, Frequency (columns A–D in Excel). You must map the internal controls outlined in the University’s PCard Program Manual to the risks, as well as the person (or area) who is performing the control and how frequently the control is to be performed. Not all risks necessarily have a corresponding internal control (hint: these would be internal control weaknesses), and not all internal controls mitigate an identified risk.

2. Identify weaknesses, inconsistencies, and missing information in the provided PCard Program Manual. Write a memo (not to exceed two pages) to Dr. Keith Newerla, President of the University Board of Regents, outlining necessary changes, additions, and deletions. Use appropriate grammar, spelling, and formatting (i.e., headers, footers, titles/descriptions of tests).

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