picturebook evaluation

chicka chicka boom boom

complete sentences that explain your ideas:

1. Share which Picturebook you chose and why you chose it. Then, provide a brief summaryof the book.

2. How appropriate is the content of the book for its intended age level? What elements make

it appropriate or inappropriate for that age group?

3. Is this a book that will appeal to children, or is it really written for adults? Explain your


4. What is the quality of the language of the text? Support your answer with specific


5. Are the characters well delineated and developed? In what ways? Explain.

6. Are stereotypes regarding race, gender, and ability avoided? Describe specifically how

stereotypes are avoided or reinforced.

7. Does the story exemplify good storytelling? Explain.

8. Explain how the theme is developed through text and illustrations.

9. In what ways do the illustrations help create the meaning of the text? Explain using specific


10. Through the illustrations, how has the artist portrayed the setting of when and where the

story takes place?

11. Do the illustrations extend the text in any way? How?

Do the illustrations provide clues to the action of the story? Explain using specific


13.Are the pictures accurate and consistent with the text? How does the illustrator create or

fail to create consistency?

14.How are pictures made an integral part of the text?


  • Use your own words and include the in-text citation for any resources you may use when
  • answering some of these questions.

    o For example, if you are citing your textbook, use the in-text citation: (Kiefer & Tyson,

    2019) and the reference: Kiefer, B. Z., Tyson, C. A., Parsons Barger, B., Patrick, L. &

    Reilly-Sanders, E. (2019). Charlotte Huck’s children’s literature: A brief guide (3rd ed.).

    New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

  • Be sure to use appropriate paragraph breaks and keep your writing free from spelling and
  • grammatical errors.

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