please answer these questions from the film accurately and try to be specific and clear

1. What were “sit-ins” and where did they take place?

How long did the Montgomery Bus Boycott last?(10-20 sentences minimum)

2. Why did participants in the Civil Rights movement harness traditional spiritual songs?

What was the “theme song” of the Civil Rights movement?(10-20 sentences minimum)

3. What event transformed the Southern movement into a national, multiracial movement and defined the Civil Rights movement to the world? (5-10 sentences minimum)

4. What was the Freedom Summer?

What happened on Bloody Sunday?

(10-20 sentences minimum)

5. Still photos of individual victims and their causes of death were included in the film. Why do you think filmmakers chose to show them in this way? Was it effective?(10-20 sentences minimum)

6. The theme and title of the film suggests a revolution toward freedom through music. What was the role of music during the Civil Rights Movement?

(answer fully – as many sentences as you need)

Watch: Soundtrack for a Revolution (2009)

Here is one link for the movie: (Links to an external site.)

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