position essay oppression indigenous peoples inuit haudenosaunee lakota apa 4 5 pages

  • Position Essay:
  • Purpose – A position essay asserts and supports a well-developed argument. It relies on a clear, arguable thesis statement that does not simply provide a descriptive or informative statement of the topic. In addition, the argument needs to be supported with ample evidence and examples. This essay will evolve into the final paper so careful attention should be paid to its content and underlying research.
  • Content – This is an initial analysis of the three indigenous peoples’ oppression/injustices. The essay should present an argument by comparing and contrasting the nature of oppression/injustice experienced by the selected indigenous peoples. The following questions, stemming from the Core Question above, should be used to guide your essay.
  • Format/Style Requirements – Your essay should be 4-5 pages in length and use the APA Style Manual for proper formatting and citation technique.
  • In what ways have indigenous peoples experienced injustice and is it still ongoing?
  • Who is primarily responsible for it – governments, corporations, individuals, etc.?
  • Why is the injustice happening; what are the causes or reasons for it?
  • How does the injustice/oppression differ among the indigenous peoples and/or what similarities are there?

Again, the essay should include all three indigenous peoples that you selected for your project. Finally, a lucid conclusion should be made that brings the narrative to a definitive close.


The three indigenous peoples selected: Inuit, Haudensaunee and Lakota.

In this paper do not go into much detail when discussing a ceremony or explaining the meanings behind the cultures. Rather explain and put focus to the oppression and discrimination experienced.

the paper will be examined by analyzing the: strength of the thesis statement, the injustices experienced by the indigenous people, the causes/ reasons for the injustices, comparative analysis of the injustices, and meet page requirement of 4-5 pages (not including Title page and Reference)

please use at least 2 peer reviewed articles/ documents

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