practice body paragraph

  1. After reading Chapter 4 in The Norton Sampler (pp. 51-62), share something you learned about paragraphs and how you might use it in your writing.
  2. In “Mother Tongue” (pp. 234-241 in The Norton Sampler), Tan uses several strategies (classification, narration, description, argument) for organizing her paragraphs. Cite one paragraph from the story and identify the strategy Tan uses. Give specific examples from the text to support your answer.

part 2

Body paragraphs are a group of closely related sentences that explore a single topic or key point that supports the thesis or main idea of a story or essay. Body paragraphs help move the story ahead by providing additional information that is important to the story. For this assignment you will write three paragraphs. The first two practice paragraphs will help you strengthen your paragraph building skills and are not related to your narrative essay due in week four. The third part paragraph will be a body paragraph that you will use in your narrative essay.

For this assignment:

Write three paragraphs based on the photographs/prompts below

  • Each paragraph should be 5 – 7 sentences long
  • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence

write all three paragraphs in one Microsoft Word file. Title each paragraph using the numeric designation (Paragraph # 1, Paragraph # 2 , Paragraph # 3.) You may title them with a name as well. Submit them by clicking on the title Week 3 Writing Assignment above and attach your Microsoft Word document file.

part 3

This week we explore what it means to be original. Watch the video below and reflect on how a person can be original. What does it mean to be original in your personal life? What does it mean to be original in your academic or professional life?

Embedded Video Player: Adidas Originals – Celebrate Originality

Adidas Originals – Celebrate Originality

n/a – Added: 6/12/13

YouTube URL:

As a writer and student, it is important to think for yourself. This is particularly true when you write. Online classes require a lot of writing, and while you are strengthening your skills here, you want to prepare for the future. One of those challenges will be adding sources to your writing and quoting from your textbooks. While this class has no formal research requirements, it is a good time to familiarize yourself with what is expected when using sources.

Plagiarism is intellectual theft, and Keiser University takes it very seriously. You may see when you submit your work in the assignment area of your Keiser courses that there is a link called “Safe Assign.” Safe Assign checks your paper against millions of sources on the Internet and produces an Originality Report. The Originality Report calculates the percentage of phrases and sentences that are identical to other sources. Originality Reports are used by instructors to assist in plagiarism detection. If you copy a passage and do not give credit, the Originality Report indicates that.

The goal of your work to be original. If you wrote a song, you wouldn’t want someone else to record it , pretend it is theirs, and not give you credit. The same holds true for printed work.

Then you will take a trip to the land of originality by conducting a Google search for originality. Find an image, printed piece, or video which presents originality. This may be specifically searching for originality, or you may find a picture, music video, or printed piece that demonstrates originality. Post the image, video, or graphic into your blog post and write 250 words on the following:

  • What you learned from the plagiarism video that you didn’t know before
  • Why the image, printed piece, or video you found represents originality to you

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