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In this reflection essay activity, answer these four questions on a Word Document that you will submit through this portal (write your full name and “Week 11 Activity” at the top). Each question response should be 200-250 words (single-spaced). Use specific details and examples in a coherent and logical manner to gain full points (*no referencing is required, but do not simply copy and paste your response from the texts). No late submissions.

1. Drawing from the various course materials in Week 10 (Oakland community sports), discuss how historical, economic, and political factors have impacted Oakland professional sports.

2. Explain how Oakland’s Town Park was developed and how it is used by various members and supporters of the skate community.

3. Discuss with details how San Jose city reflects two different types of skate cultures (Lake Cunningham and Roosevelt).

4. Describe the two potential interview subjects that you will research as part of your final paper. Explain where they are located, who they are and what they do, and why they would be appropriate to interview for this assignment (*keep in mind the assignment guidelines and provide specific details about the types of questions that you will ask them).

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