predictive maintenance rotating equipment

Use the Dissertation Format presented for this coursework. Include a Front Page, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Dedication, Authors Declaration, Abbreviations and Table of Contents, in Roman numbered pages prior to commencing Section A on Page

1. SECTION A – Choose a topic related to your Degree and obtain 20 published works. These published works should include Journal papers [obtain at least 10]. Conference papers and other commercial or Professional Institution material are also acceptable.

2. Read just the Abstracts of the 20 published works.

3. Using “Times New Roman, 12 Font Size, Text”, write a short literature review of NO MORE than 3 pages in length citing the 20 published works using the Harvard System.

4. Utilising a fourth page [and fifth if necessary] list your References using the Harvard System. [Author(s) name and initials, Date, Paper Title, Journal/Conference, pp., ISBN, ISSN, DOI, Publishers address etc.] Give the fullest information to assist your reader to access the material that you have cited.

5. SECTION B – Select 2 of your Journal Papers and read them thoroughly.

6. Using “Times New Roman, 12 Font Size, Text”, write a one-page Abstract for each of your Journal Papers describing the problem, what was done and the findings.

7. State your opinion on whether or not the original Authors Abstract accurately describes the content of the paper.

8. Attach copies of your 2 Journal Papers.

9. Complete and attach the cover sheet given below.

*** Words count = 2600 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have Uploaded previous work named “Example”.

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