professional accountability standards of practice and professional development 4

The standard of nursing practice is the backbone of nursing professionals who work in clinical settings. To provide patient-centered evidence-based care to the patients, the nurses have to follow these standards and update themselves with the new approaches of practice and knowledge. Nurse Practice Act in Florida is governed by the Board of Nursing, National Council of State Boards of Nursing, American Nurses Association, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, National League for Nursing, and American Organization of Nurse Executives(Androu, 2020). American Nurses Association is always dedicated to monitor legislative and regulatory changes in nursing practice, to remove professional practice barriers and improve healthcare accessibility. The process for developing the nursing standard of practice utilizes to fulfill the answers of 5 W’s and 1 H of nursing practice (Borgès Da Silva, 2018).

  • Who – the identification and team effort of professional and dedicated registered nurses, nursing professors, retired staffs, and advanced practice registered Nurses in Florida

What – explains the contributions of nurses in health protection, maintenance, and wellness among individuals.

Where – the location wherever a patient requires healthcare.

When – the exact timing when there is a need for nursing expertise, skills, and empathy.

Why – addressing current healthcare issues and future trends and achieving good quality patient outcomes.

How – through continuing education, programs, and practice experiences.

After the 6 questions have been described, the nursing standards of practice include:

  • Standard I: Assessment – a collection of patient’s health complete information.
  • Standard II: Diagnosis – analysis of the given data and information.
  • Standard III: Outcome identification – identification of expected results as per the plan.
  • Standard IV: Planning – developing plans per strategy to obtain desired effects.
  • Standard V: Implementation – the need to implement the set plans as per the strategy.
  • Standard VI: Evaluation – determining the success of the plan.

The main purpose of these standards is to promote and guide professional nursing practice. It ensures the provision of the highest level of quality nursing care to healthcare consumers (Fukada, 2018). It influences your arear of specialty by involving critical thinking, problem-solving, and making clinical judgments. It is more than just the application of scientific knowledge but also to find the best solution to assist and provide patient’s needs in regaining, maintaining, and improving their health status. Moreover, the standards can change with certain conditions & clinical situations and be revised from time to time to enhance the quality and standards of nursing.

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