professional development plan 25

Signature Assessment

The signature piece for this course is a professional development plan designed to promote and sustain instructional leadership and school/ organizational improvement, and support teaching and learning in the school or professional environment. You will identify an area of need that can be addressed at the building level based on your professional knowledge and experiences and the major concepts and practices that you have learned throughout the course related to professional development. Specifically, in this paper, you will

Identify a problem in a school or your workplace in an area of professional learning and development, such as curriculum development, instructional strategy, or school culture;

Justify your proposed professional devilment plan based on your professional evaluation of your school or workplace or evidence/ data obtained elsewhere. What are some of the evidences that show this issue has to be addressed? What are some of the goals you want to achieve after conducting the workshop? What are some of the potential benefits and observable changes as a result of the professional learning?

Explicate how your professional development plan will address the learning needs at your school or professional environment, support teaching and learning through effective and appropriate use of technological tools, and foster and sustain school improvement;

Explain in detail how you will design and conduct your professional development activities. Include in your writing specific elements of your professional development plan such as the target audience, learning objectives, scope and sequence, related national or state standards, whole group and small group activities, content delivery method, pacing, readings, learning materials, and handouts, evaluation strategies, and follow-up activities;

Include a plan for implementing the professional development plan at your school or professional community. How would you secure necessary support to implement it? Do you anticipate any obstacles (time, budget, resources, etc.?) to implement your plan? How do you plan to react to potential critique?

The final paper should be between 10 and 12 typed, double-spaced, 12-font-size pages, exclusive of references, tables, figures, notes, and/or appendixes. You are expected to use no less than 10 academic sources to support the design and implementation of your professional development project. Include a reference page and proper APA format for all citations and references at the end of your paper.

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