project 4 postmigration activities with aws hands on lab

Now that you have completed BallotOnline’s Cloud Migration Technical Report, you have a better understanding of the available cloud migration approaches and options, and how these approaches differ from traditional IT deployment approaches. It’s now time to get the migrated workloads in a production-ready state, and as the cloud architect, you need to come up with a postmigration plan and related activities.

You know that it is important to plan for postmigration activities because after the data and applications are migrated, they need to be validated and tested to ensure a positive user experience and an acceptable application services delivery after the move to the cloud.

To do that, you will evaluate and compare different postmigration activities and approaches, and choose the best approach for BallotOnline, along with your rationale for selecting the specific approach or activity. You will compile this into a Cloud Postmigration Activity Report for the staff and leadership at BallotOnline.

Your supervisor, Sophia, has continued to stress that the postmigration activities must incorporate industry best practices and standards and meet the relevant business and technical needs of the organization.

There are seven steps to complete this project

Take Note

This project has a hands-on lab. Instructions for the lab are included in the steps of this project.


Your work will be evaluated using the competencies listed below.

9.1: Develop a plan for cloud implementation / migration.

9.5: Design a virtualized network infrastructure to meet business needs.

9.6: Design cloud storage infrastructure to meet business needs.

10.2: Create and deploy virtual machines.

10.3: Configure cloud management tools and software.

10.4: Configure cloud orchestration and automation software.

10.7: Configure a public cloud infrastructure using industry leading provider(s).

11.1: Perform system auditing.

11.5: Perform system maintenance.

11.6: Troubleshoot system problems.

11.8: Prepare contingency plans when changing cloud providers or closing down a cloud architecture.

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