project management group report about how to operate a youtube channel 2 least 18 references (

Coventry University – Harvard Referencing Generator: Citation Generator by Cite This For Me

,use this website


2. in this report, you can refer to the ppt( Ps: 023 project management) and pdf I upload.

3.3000 words

4. This assignment is designed to assess following units learning outcomes:

LO1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the scale and scope of project management in private and public sectors

LO2. Identify potential resource conflicts and their importance to meeting project cost and schedule objectives

LO3. Evaluate a strategy to ensure effective use of resources, assets and people within the project

LO4. Evaluate project management tools and methods

LO5. Identify systems and organisational culture that ensure an effective project management approach

LO6. Work collaboratively to ensure project coherence across a range of business functional areas

Within this module, students work in project teams on ‘live projects’ which aim to provide opportunities for them to apply project management methods and tools and develop project management skills in practice. The project brief is provided under ‘Assessment’ section on the module page on Moodle. Both CW1 and CW2 require critical analysis and application of relevant project management principles, methods and techniques to the live projects.

In your group project report, you are required to:

1) Review the scope and strategy of the project, including a detailed WBS.

2) Critically discuss how the project team has been structured and organised

3) Critically discuss how key stakeholders have been managed, and present the communication plan implemented during the project

4) Elaborate on the role that organisational and national culture played in ensuring project success.

5) Develop a risk management plan for the project

6) Use Project Management Software to prepare the project plan (including Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis).

7) Critically discuss the project control system that has been adopted for your project.

8) Evaluate and critically reflect on the performance of the project with sufficient supporting evidence.

9) Critically evaluate the project management tools and methods that were applied in your project, discussing the advantage and limitations of each one.

10) Individual contributions to the project and group report.


You have been asked to produce a report. It should contain the following:

  • Appropriate coversheet (as attached in this document)
  • Title Page, including the given title in full.
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Main body, which should also be organised under appropriate headings.
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices, which should be numbered.
    • Make sure you refer your reader to them as required.



Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:

  • Font style, Arial, font size 12
  • 1.5 line spacing.
  • The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
  • Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
  • Pages should be numbered
  • Your name [should/should not – delete as required] appear on the script.
  • Your student number should be included on every page.
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