psychology cognitive development paper

Answer any 4 of these in no more than 1 page/question. APA format

1. In the Micalizzi et al study, school readiness was correlated .28 with inhibitory control, .28 with set

shifting, .19 with SES and -.13 with chaos. SES was correlated .05 with inhibitory control and .12 with

set-shifting and chaos was correlated -.05 with inhibitory control and .12 with set shifting. What does all

this tell you?

2. Does SES affect brain development? Be specific.

3. What does success on a Theory of Mind task tell you about children’s language development?

4. In what specific ways to High Scope, Abecedarian and Head Start differ? Which would you support


5. It is reasonable or unreasonable to use 3


grade test scores to determine if a preschool intervention

worked? Explain your answer.

6. Discuss the evidence that social interactions are important for language development.

7. Why would babies show a preference for a puppet that jumped on a box vs a puppet that seemed to

be opening a box? Similarly, why would they show a preference for a geometric form going in one

direction vs a different geometric form going in another direction? Consider interpretations other than

that offered by the researchers.

8. Researchers who use the violation of expectations paradigm in studying cognition in infants don’t tell

us how infants come to have expectations that can be violated. What are the possible developmental

processes in the formation of expectations?

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