pt293 ptn2915 section 01 pharmacy virtual practicum online plus 2020 winter quarter term 2

PT293/PTN2915 Section 01 Pharmacy Virtual Practicum – Online Plus – 2020 Winter Quarter Term 2


Time management skills are essential techniques to be able to function in a fast-paced environment. Some of the skills include but are not limited to:

  • Being organized
  • Planning ahead
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Avoiding overload
  • Being able to be flexible

In a pharmacy environment, a pharmacy technician must utilize these skills on an everyday basis to be efficient in their position.

In your initial post, describe the most important time management skill you believe will be essential to your job as a pharmacy technician. Be sure to explain why you believe this skill is essential.

In your response post, provide your perspective to your classmate regarding ways to improve their time management skill when the environment in the pharmacy gets hectic.



Customer Service has become a “hot button” issue within society for a variety of different reasons, predominately for the patient/customer and making sure they have someone in their corner to fight for what they want.

In your initial post, give your personal experiences regarding customer service that you’ve experienced. Be sure to include examples of both good and bad experiences.

In your response post, provide your perspective to your classmate regarding ways to improve their bad customer service experiences.

Course Project – Part 2 Due: On-Boarding a New Employee

Previously, you began your work on developing a plan to on-board a new employee. To be able to successfully on-board an employee, an education plan is needed to ensure all components are addressed and trained upon.

Part 2: On-Boarding a New Employee

You are asked to review the statements below and identify the following:

Education Plan:

Develop an education (training) plan for a new employee. Be sure to include the following in your training:

  • Policy and procedure.
  • Machine training.
  • Employee relations.
  • Prescription fulfillment.
  • Supervisor schedule before being allowed to function alone.

Adaptability of Education Plan:

A part of developing an education

(training) plan includes the ability to adapt based upon not only the

needs of the individual, but also the environment that they are in. In

the event that changes happen within the pharmacy, how do you address

the following:

  • Being short staffed and training a new employee.
  • Electronic equipment being down in the pharmacy when training.
  • Pharmacy being too busy to spend 1:1 time training.


You are the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

at your local pharmacy. You have a new employee starting in 2 weeks and

need to develop a training plan for them. This is the first job for this

employee since they have recently completed school.


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