put together a st patrick s day party for 30 people 1


Your professor is asking you to put together a St. Patrick’s Day party for 30 people (mostly adults 25 – 60, with apx. 6-7 children; 2 yrs, 5 years, 9 years (2 children that age), 15, and 17 years old). The home is single story, apx. 1700 square feet, in the Simi Valley Texas Tract. Grass front yard, large grass back yard with one tree. Date would be Saturday, March 14. Afternoon/evening is fine – neighborhood is VERY quiet; neighbors are older, either retired military or current LAPD/Simi Valley police/sheriff/fire. NOT a good neighborhood for breaking the law, if you get my drift…

1- front of house (large tree is no longer there) – ample street parking.

2-kitchen area – family room and French doors are to the right of the kitchen.

3--Front door and living room. Kitchen is to the left. There is no longer a pool table; living room has large brown leather sofa under the windows; coffee table in front of it; brown leather chair up against the short wall.

4-Family/TV room is behind living room; French doors lead to backyard. Kitchen is behind this view.

5-Backyard (see French doors under patio for reference)

6-view from patio to back yard

7- large covered patio just off the back of the house – note uncovered lounge area to the left.

8-Larger view of uncovered area – this no longer has 2 chairs and a firepot; it is currently unfurnished.

Likes: Sparkly, light up and/or glowing things; lots of small snacks/treats instead of a big meal or central food table; irish/celtic music; chocolate desserts

Dislikes: Corned beef and cabbage; deviled eggs, beets; snakes.

MUST: Alcohol free event; end by 9 pm latest.

Building a strong pitch board is a critical skill for event planners. The goal of a pitch board is for your design and idea to JUMP off the board, and get the attention of your client, who is usually looking at a number of other boards at the same time as yours. Often times, a pitch board has to speak for you, as you just drop yours off and wait for a phone call to hear if a client event wants to talk with you. Your pitch board should be foam-core board; you may use colored board if it helps tell your story. Pitch boards are PICTURE oriented – they should include pictures that clearly convey the items, the feel, and the theme for your event. They could include pictures of the actual tent you might rent, or the centerpiece you would recreate; they can also include ideas or visuals designed to represent the FEELING the party should have. Included somewhere on your board should be a piece of paper, folded in half, with the total price to put on your event written inside. IF the client likes your board, they will look at the price… you do NOT want the price to interfere with a client’s first interactions with your board.

You will have NO MORE than 30 seconds to impress your client (me) with your plan – the theme, the highlights, etc. You may choose to dress up or use props if they would aid in your pitch; be careful that they do not distract, or become the key focal point for your pitch… unless that’s what you want to convey. If a dancing leprechaun is one of the highlights of your party, then maybe you want to dress up and dance….or not…

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