qualitative research workshop week 6

Qualitative Research Workshop: Week 6

In this week’s Workshop, you will create the first draft of your interview guide and exchange feedback with your classmates and Instructor on how to improve.

  • Read qualitative research articles that include an interview guide, so you can become familiar with how to write questions. Use Google Scholar to look for other suggestions about writing qualitative interview questions.
  • What is the difference between a good and a bad question? Look at the examples in the Learning Resources. Avoid the use of jargon or any of the concept words you have found in journal articles. Use a simple, conversational style of language.
  • Patton (2016) provides helpful examples of different types of questions to ask in order to elicit rich, thick descriptions (e.g., experience and behavior questions, sensory questions). Patton also points out how interviews vary depending on the type of approach (e.g., phenomenological, narrative).

To prepare for this Workshop:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week.
  • Using the document, “Interview Guide Worksheet,” which can be found in this week’s Learning Resources, begin pulling in concepts from the literature and your framework to identify the topics for developing questions.

By Day 3

Develop your interview questions and save them in a Word document.

Post in your unique thread a brief explanation of how you developed your questions. Start with the research question and then describe the concepts that you wanted to explore. Attach your interview guide to your Workshop post. Be sure to cite the sources of your ideas for the questions.

By Day 5

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