quiz american history 10 questions module the quiz instructions are under in description box

1.What was the Double V campaign?

A. Southern white supremacists’ plan for preserving Jim Crow in the face of increasing wartime pressures.

B. The World War II-era African American campaign for victory over fascism abroad and over Jim Crow segregation at home.

C. Hitler’s plan for running a two-front war in Europe.

D. The name of the top-secret program that developed the atomic bomb.

2. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of World War II Japanese internment?

A. There was abundant evidence that Americans of Japanese descent were engaged in a widespread campaign of domestic spying, subversion, and sabotage on behalf of Japan.

B. The evacuation and internment orders applied to Nissei – American citizens of Japanese descent – in addition to immigrants from Japan.

C.It was related to a broader campaign of racialized distrust and hatred directed against Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans.

D.Japanese American men were initially denied the opportunity to serve in the U.S. armed forces, but later served with great distinction.

3. Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, most Americans were eager to join the war against Germany and Japan.



4. Which of the following is true of women’s employment during World War II?

A. Women were more likely than men to earn raises and promotions.

B. The federal government provided daycare, making it easy for mothers to go to work.

C. Most male employers seem to have considered it a temporary measure, even if female employees did not.

D.Women did not seek or gain employment in factories or heavy industry.

5. What was the Lend-Lease Program?

A. New Deal program designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses get federally-protected loans.

B. New Deal program to help poor and middle-class families get housing from the federal government.

C.Wartime program in which Roosevelt “lent” American troops to France to help fight the invading German Army.

D. Allowed the United States to lend arms to the British for the duration of the war. Payment would be rendered after peace was secured.

6. Henry Luce made all of the following arguments in his “The American Century” (Document 152), EXCEPT:

A. In the twentieth century, the world of humanity is “fundamentally indivisible.”

B. The twentieth century must be “to a significant degree an American Century.”

C. In order to achieve the promised American Century, the United States must vanquish its greatest enemy: the Soviet Union.

D. It is possible to limit war and provide sufficient food for “the entire human family.”

7. In formulating his list of “wants” for the postwar world, Charles Wesley (Document 156) connected the interests of African Americans with those of nonwhite peoples in Asia and Africa.



8.What was “the Final Solution”?

A. Hitler’s plan to systematically murder of Jews, Gypsies, political radicals, and homosexuals.

B. Japan’s decision to start using kamikaze suicide airplane attacks against U.S. Navy ships.

C. President Truman’s plan to drop two atomic bombs in Japan to end the war in 1945.

D. The invasion of Allied troops in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.

9. Where did the Big Three allied leaders – Franklin Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of England, and Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union – meet to create the United Nations?

A. Washington, DC

B. Yalta, USSR

C. London, England

D.Paris, France

10.What caused the United States to enter World War II?

A. The Invasion of Paris

B.The Holocaust

C.The Zimmerman Telegram

D.The Pearl Harbor attacks

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