quiz on three part format


Answer each of the following eight questions in no more than 2 or 3 sentences each.Begin on the line below each question; your computer will create any extra space needed, as you type.Then you will save this file under the filename Q1 plus your initials; the file must be saved as either MS Word or Rich Text!Submit the file in the assignment in Blackboard according to the instructions in the assignment.Worth 12 points each.

1. In one sentence, list the three major parts of the Three-Part Format.

2. In one sentence, tell the purpose of a thesis sentence within an essay.

3. In one to three sentences, tell what goes into the preview which should end the first part of an essay.

4. In one sentence, tell the purpose of a topic sentence (TS) in a body paragraph in an essay.Caution:The word “topic” can be misleading here; I use it because it is very traditional wording.

5. In one to three sentences, tell why it is important to include transition wording in both preview sentences and topic sentences; give one example of numerical transition wording, which is the most commonly used.

6. In one to three sentences, tell what the general explanation (GE) does within a body paragraph.

7. In one to three sentences, tell what you will normally use for a specific example (SE) within a body paragraph.

8. In one sentence, tell what the concluding sentence (CS) to a body paragraph does.Caution:You are not being asked about the general concluding paragraph here.

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