quot individualism as an american cultural value quot


In this module you will read “Individualism as an American Cultural Value” from One World Many Cultures (pg. 272 in 10th edition and I think 400 in 9th) and submit a homework assignment into D2L. If you do not have the book or prefer reading online, you can click on this hyperlink to access the PDF of the reading.

Upon completion of reading this, you should answer the questions below and submit your answer in dropbox in order to receive your grade of 44 points (100%). You must write a least one full page in order to receive full credit.

1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, standard margins, and the header should only have your name and the phrase “Individualism as an American Cultural Value Response”


Remember, the dropbox is open until 4/4 11:59 pm Saturday. Afterwards, the dropbox will close you will not be able to submit the assignment.


1) For Thai people, what are the kinds of private topics about which it would be rude to inquire? How do these differ from topics that are taboo among Americans?

2) How do concepts of friendship and privacy differ in the author’s experience with Thai and American culture?

3) How do the examples involving the child who has fallen, the way food is served and eaten, and the newspaper route provide the author with significant insights into American cultural values? Do you agree with her interpretations?

4) What incidents in your own experience illustrate the value placed on individualism in American culture, a value that those from other cultures might find strange?

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