raised the question which surrounding something commonly seen as accepted or natural 1

write minimum 1800 words MLA format, on the TOPIC: Reading and learning are not the most important things in one’s life

This essay must be informed by research (not just popular or journalistic sources, but peer-reviewed scholarly articles).It is important to begin with questions that are focused, challenging, and grounded. That is, your topic and the questions you raise about it cannot be too broad, bland, or speculative. You should be genuinely interested in your topic and your reader should share your curiosity.

This essay should be done with sourses. “RE-search” means, of course, to search again: to do over what others have already done. And too often school research papers become simply a regurgitation of found material, the ideas of which “belong” to someone else. In the worst examples of research writing, the topic is assigned, the writers voice is silent, the text is full of quotations, and students learn very little about integrating sources or supporting a main idea of their own.

As with all essays, you need to adhere to MLA conventions throughout. There is a detailed rubric attached, but your essay should have these basic requirements:

  • Have minimum of six (6) pages and maximum of eight (8) pages, including a Works Cited page
  • Include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay
  • Include a minimum of four (4) sources from peer-reviewed scholarly journals or books and a minimum of four (4) non-traditional sources such as an interviews, surveys, or newspaper/magazine articles
  • Use direct quotes for all sources properly cited using MLA in-text citation format
  • Use general MLA formatting guidelines overall

Also, the sources you find should not be to complicated or long, just need to be few pages.

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