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Your assignment is to read your chosen chapter closely. You will write a paper summarizing and reacting to the material in this chapter. In completing this paper, you need to follow the instructions provided here. Paper Submission Details • Pay careful attention to spelling, sentence construction, and punctuation. • For full credit, this paper must be double-spaced, between 3 and 4 pages long, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins. • Papers must be submitted in the D2L Assignment dropbox and in a format accessible with university issued MS Word or Adobe PDF reader software. • Papers are to be submitted in the D2L Assignment dropbox. Papers should be emailed only as a last resort. • Papers containing plagiarism (including cut-and-paste material from any source) will receive 0 point and an academic misconduct report will be filed with the University. Section 1: Chapter Summary Begin your paper with this Section 1 heading (just as shown here in the instructions). Write between 2 and 3 paragraphs which summarize the main points in the chapter you selected. The point of is section is for you to demonstrate that you have read and understood the chapter. The only eligible chapters for this assignment are chapters 4, 5, 6 or 8. There will be no point for papers focusing on other chapters. Do NOT quote from the book. This summary should be a description of the content and main points in your own words. Section 2: My Reaction Start the next section of your paper with this required Section 2 heading. In Section 2, describe your reaction to the material you read in the chapter. This reaction may include discussion of some or all of the following questions. What did you think about the myths described and the counter information provided by the authors? Were you aware of some or all of the myths discussed by the authors before you read this chapter? Have you experienced examples of these myths in your personal experiences or observed them in the media? Other Page 2 of 2 than what the authors discuss, do you see other consequences of the myths discussed in the chapter or other solutions to address the consequences of the myths? Do you believe the evidence presented by the authors is adequate to counter the myths they describe (why or why not)? What other types of evidence could the authors present to help strengthen their arguments against the myths they discuss? In your answer, you must discuss specific material in the chapter. Do not simply provide broad sweeping statements about the chapter overall. Identify page numbers for the specific material you discuss in the textbook and add quotation marks around any word-for-word quotes you draw from the textbook. Without these quotation marks, you are plagiarizing! Direct quotes, however, should be used in a very limited way. Instead, describe the ideas or information presented in the text, rather than directly quoting, unless you are commenting on a specific sentence or specific phrase. It is not required but you may choose to draw on another source outside the textbook in your paper. If you do so, you must provide proper citation to this source and include a reference section that lists this source in detail. Use APA citation format. You do not need to include your textbook in a reference page.

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