reading amp viewing assignment what the hell is going on

Now is the time to put into practice what you already know and what you’ve already learned in your education as a smart person.

How do we remain positive, resilient (Links to an external site.) while looking at reality plainly in the face. Things do get better, but for now- how can we begin to act in ways that are constructive and helpful.

Our next steps in this (online) course will see us step away from the planned syllabus and into a new couple of weeks of assignments. Our first step, however, is to begin to look at our own approach to how we think about ourselves and who we are…and how we are in this world.

To Read & View

For this assignment read the following article on Emotional Intelligence (Links to an external site.) (there is a large advertisement header, so make sure to scroll down) and watch the following video on Emotional Intelligence. (Links to an external site.)

To Answer

With current school closures and shelter-in-place directives, what significant and specific challenges are you or others dealing with right now? How might an understanding of EI help us in these challenging or difficult times that you describe? What strategies for resilience would you recommend to someone who is struggling harder than you? When done, review your suggestions for strategies – are they kind, honest, authentic and do they align with what you’ve learned regarding Emotional Intelligence? Please explain.


Show me through your typed answer how you are using the reading, the video and your own smarts to think through and answer these questions in any way that makes sense to you. Make your answer between 1-3 full paragraphs. Submit as a Text Entry through Canvas. Thank you.

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