reading article and discussion will complete and submit a reading journal that summarizes the main points from the week’s reading and discusses ideas you developed based on the readings. The length and style are at your discretion. I cannot imagine that you would be able to adequately summarize and reflect on the week’s readings in less than two pages, but you might. It will be most helpful to you if you complete these weekly.

2. write another one paragraph discussion from your write.

3. reply the following student 1 and 2’s discussion one by one with your opinion.

student 1: Both Azuma and Fujino analyze Japanese Americans’ lives from different angles. Commonly, both book mentioned people’s hardship caused by current situation and U.S policy. In Azuma, it focused on talking early migrations who spent they lives on planting sugar cane in Hawaii. However, Yuri’s story talked about her individual family and her own experience. These stories all mentioned hardship, discrimination, dual identities of Japanese Americans. Different generations faced distinctive difficult, and influenced by different policy and surrounding situation.

student 2: It is very true the first and second generations have different difficulties. The first generation came to the US with the intention of building a better life and return to Japan. They came when they are adults, that’s what makes them harder to fit in. during their time they also experience harsher Japanese exclusions. The second generation has another set of obstacles they face. they are more open to the American customs, however, they are still not accepted by Americans. They also suffer from identity crises.

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