reading response a short reflection on an assigned reading

Reading Response Assignment 2

Due April 4th

The reading response should be a short reflection on an assigned reading. You will be required to complete three reading responses throughout the semester. You may turn in your response any time during the unit as long as it is completed by the due dates listed.

Note: Remember that each reading response is now worth 5% of your total grade, therefore your response should be thoughtful and well-edited.

A good reading response will do the following:

  • Be at least one page (approximately 300 words)
  • Be mostly free of grammatical or mechanical errors
  • Make clear that you’ve not only done the reading, but that you’ve spent some time thinking about the reading and its larger implications
  • Make clear your own thoughts and beliefs about the reading (Note: use of first-person is appropriate for these assignments)

You should feel free to be creative with your reading responses. Here are three suggestions for approaching this assignment:

  1. Write a listicle (e.g. Five things I learned from…”)
  2. Reflect on how the reading connects to another media (a movie you saw, a podcast you heard) or how it connects to another reading we’ve done
  3. Choose a quote that stands out to you and explain why it’s important

For this reading response, you must write about the follow text “A Ghost Story”…

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