reflect on your home practice

a.Midterm: Home practice 1 (6 points) ..

From the beginning of the semester until the midterm, the suggested home practice is: 1) 3 minutes of three-part breathing, and 2) two sun salutations (surya namaskar), and 3) at least 3 minutes of relaxation in final relaxation, or corpse pose (savasana).

In one page, reflect on your home practice so far. What intention did you set at the beginning of the semester for your yoga practice (relaxation, strength, focus, introspection, etc.)? In what ways specifically and when (if at all) have you noticed any changes in mood, state of mind, health since you started a home practice? What have been your personal challenges and strengths with a home practice? Would you like to update your intention? If you haven’t had a chance to practice, do you want to? Do you think it is worth your time to create the space in your schedule for a 10-minute practice?

Choose 3 poses (asanas) that we have learned so far to add to your home practice. Keep your practice between 5-20 minutes, so that you can commit to doing the practice once a week (outside of class) for the rest of the semester. Include at least one breathing exercise. Practice the three poses, making sure that you can find stillness in each pose for at least 10 full breaths. Write down your sequence of poses and be prepared to demonstrate the poses to the teacher for feedback.

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