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After Reading Howard Zinn Chapter 1,2,3,4 Please provide a reflection (LOOK AT THE CRITICAL REFLECTION PROMPT in THE COURSE DOCUMENTS FOLDER). where you discuss some of the following questions (DONT JUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS)

What did you think about what you read? What were your initial reactions? What did stood out to you the most and why? How did it make you feel? Why? Why is some of this history not taught in K-12? After Reading these chapters how do you feel about the History of the U.S.? What was the primary motive for Spanish Colonization, English Colonization and the Justification for Slavery? Why would I assign Inequality videos with chapters on US. History dealing with Columbus and the colonies? How are the two connected?  reflect on any of the readings between reflection one and this refelction. Please payparticular attention to the role that the ideology of white supremacy played in the justification for the American Holocaust and the the Mass enslavement of Africans? How was it used to completely dehumanize and justfy how these two groups were treated? What was different about prior forms of slavery and U.S. Based slavery?

Remember this assignment is open ended. I am interested in not just your response to these specific questions but in how the material is processing in your head and how it also makes you feel.

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