reflection on psychology course

  1. You will write a reflection on your term within this Psychology course.
  2. It should be at least 3-4 pages in length and double-spaced.
  3. You will pick two topics from this term that will have an impact on your daily life. (These can be entire concepts such as the scientific method, or it can be details from within concepts such as our implicit thoughts and the impact they have on other people.)
    • You will explain each topic in detail.
    • Identify the key terms for that topic from Acrobatiq and define them.
    • Then, explain how each topic will help you on your academic path.
  4. Next, choose two psychology topics you want to learn more about.
    • These can be from Acrobatiq or elsewhere.
    • Explain how you will seek to grow your knowledge about each topic.
  5. Then, explain two areas where you have improved this term, either in Psychology or at school.


Unit 11: Emotion and Motivation

Module 31: Experience of Emotion

Module 32: Positive Emotions

Module 33: Human Motivation

Milestone 2: My Motivations and Emotions

Unit 9: Learning

Module 22: Classical Conditioning

Module 23: Operant Conditioning

Module 24: Learning by Insight and Observation

Milestone 3: Learning Strategies in My Everyday Life

Unit 4: Brains, Bodies, and Behavior

Module 5: The Building Block of the Nervous System

Module 6: Brain Regions

Module 8: The Nervous System and the Endocrine System

Unit 5: Sensing & Perceiving

Module 9: Introduction to Sensing and Perceiving

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