reflection paper 572

Reflection Paper

Albert Einstein

“Five Equations that Changed the World”

Read the chapter on Albert Einstein (Curiosity Killed the Lights) from “Five Equations that Changed the World.”Based on your reading, answer the following questions.

  • Prologue.Describe the dramatic event in Einstein’s life that sets the tone for what is to follow.In what way did this event affect his future life?
  • Veni.How did Einstein come to get interested in his subject?Address any important historical, religious, or scientific issues that had a bearing.
  • Vidi.Explain the historical background of the discovery.
  • Vici.How did Einstein conquer the mystery and find his equation?
  • Epilogue.How did Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity change the world?What were the ethical/spiritual consequences of his discovery?

Word count:900 – 1000 words (about 3 – 4 pages).

Format:Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, page numbers.


The book is attached

Please Dont use any other Source OTHER THAN THE BOOK !!!

when you cite put the correct page number.

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