reflection paper experience innovation simulation

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1, The simulation continuously emphasized the differences between design thinking and traditional thinking – there are many differences! This first question asks you to reflect on two ways in which design thinking is different from how we might normally approach problem solving. A strong reflection would clearly: (1) state the difference, (2) explain why it is different than traditional thinking and (3) explain why this difference might help a team develop a novel or innovative solution (product, program, service, digital product, movement, business model, etc.). Please structure your answer in a way that that easily reveals your thinking. In other words – consider a paragraph for each difference and make sure that within each paragraph you’ve addressed the three elements of a strong reflection referenced above. I would think this reflection would take 300-350 words to do well.

2, Before we started the simulation on October 25, we talked about how design thinking is both a process and a mindset. The image below details the core elements of a design thinking mindset. The image comes from an online article at a website called Innovation Training. Feel free to take a look at the online article ( before you write this reflection. It provides a short description of each piece of the mindset and you might find this a helpful. In this reflection I’m looking for you to reflect on: (1) which part of the design thinking mindset comes easily or naturally to you and why; (2) which one is the most difficult for you and why? The why is important, please do your best to explore this fully. We all have personality traits, learned behaviors, preferences for thinking / learning and expectations related to success and performance. How well do you know yourself and can you link your current strengths and aptitudes to your ability to think like a design thinker? I would think this reflection would take 300-350 words to do well.

3,This last question is more of a traditional reflection. I’m looking for you to reflect on your experience with the simulation and identify a design thinking practice that you could see yourself bringing to a future work place. A strong reflection might be structured as follows: 1. What are your current career goals – what kind of organization do you think you might like to work for, what kind of work do you hope to be doing and what kind of impact do you hope to be having. I completely appreciate that not everyone is clear on these goals. If you have multiple ideas of what the future looks like, that’s fine. Pick one of the career paths and share what you can. The rest of this reflection is much easier if you can picture one possible version of the future. 2. What element of design thinking can you see yourself applying in the future workplace you described above? I’m not looking for you to reflect on how the entire design thinking process might be applied or on how the design thinking mindset might be leveraged. I’m looking for you to select a specific practice – i.e., brainstorming, storyboarding, user observation, prototyping – and discuss how you might be relevant in your future workplace. I would think this reflection would take 300-350 words to do well

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