religion modernity and secularity

1. Review the results of the BBC War Audit (pages 12-15) and compare them with the conclusions of Ken Wilber concerning the history of religion in relations to many world conflicts and suffering (Page 3 in this submodule). Which of their conclusions are consistent with the historical evidence. 2. Do a brief internet search on the backgrounds of Avi Lewis and Hirsi Ali. Do you think that their backgrounds greatly influenced their views of religion? State and defend your answer.

3. According Avi Lewis, there are many types of Islam. If so, which form of it might be compatible with American democracy.

4. According to Hirsi Ali, Islam is a monolith. Whether you accept or reject this assumption, can Islam be made compatible with American society without rejecting the Prophet Mohammed?

5. What are the fundamental ethical differences in the way Avi Lewis and Hirsi Ali view American democracy and religiosity?

these are the links for 1.

conclusions of Ken Wilber-

Bbc war audit:

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