religion race class essay

Essay #2

This essay will be about race/class/religion. You have a very broad spectrum from which to choose your topic. For example, you may want to explore the specifics of a label of any of the three subjects (rich, poor, black, white, Christian, Islamic, etc.), trace the rituals or practices of a religion and find the roots and purposes, explore a ritual you practice (such as following the Gregorian Calendar) and follow it to its roots and outline the effects, explore the class system of a culture, and so on.

Another path you may take is exploring something that you are involved in, such as a career or hobby. For example, the hiring practices of the place you work or the field in which you would like to work. You could also examine the hobby in which you participate. For example, the music scene/industry, surfing (or any sport) and its politics of race/class/religion, how a subculture is classed and/or how there are levels of status/class among that group, and so on.

Examine different perspectives to analyze the subject. Think about the fallacies involved and involve critical thinking in your essay. Remember this is not a report; it is an exploration of thought processes.

If you have difficulty deciding on a subject, ask me.

At least 2000 words. At least 3 sources. MLA format.

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