remember this

To prepare for the experiment, review the Project resources on memory and cognition.

The experiment tests the effectiveness of rote memorization (simple repetition) and eidetic memorization (mental picture association). Before you begin, develop a testable hypothesis that states which technique you think will be more effective. Then, perform the experiment (see Remember This? – Experiment located in Project resources).

After completing the experiment, summarize your findings in a blog post (submitted as a text document) in which you address the following:

  • What was your initial hypothesis?
  • What were the results of the experiment? Include all the data you collected.
  • Explain the psychology of memory and why one memory technique was expected to work more effectively than the other. Answer the following questions in your explanation:
    1. Was this experiment dealing with explicit or implicit memory? Which sub-type?
    2. For each technique, which type of memory—sensory, short-term or long-term—were your subjects using? Justify your answer.
    3. Were the two techniques different in encoding, storage or retrieval?
  • How were your results consistent or inconsistent with current theories?
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