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20 MARCH 2020

Dear CISO,

Requesting travel to attend the Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit: Washington, D.C. 17 November 2020. The purpose of this summit is to educate on global security topics to include fraud and breach prevention in industries such as finance, government, retail, energy and healthcare. The opportunity this summit provides to learn with leading industry influences such as executive editors from publications such as : DataBreachtoday, BankInfoSecurity, and GovInfoSecuirty to name a few. This summit allows the earning of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits which enhances my skillset and add values not only my professional growth but the growth of the organization by retaining qualified individuals. This summit, lasting only one day, will allows for attendees to gain the latest trends insight on criminal cyberthreats such as ransomware, risk management, network with other industry professionals to discussion solutions and current and potential obstacles of fraud and breach, and endpoint security which is just a few of the events being held that day. More details of the summit can be found here:

I am requesting sponsorship for the registration fee, hotel, and any travel expenses that may occur during the summit. A detailed cost breakdown is included below:

The full price conference fee is $725.00.

The breakdown conference cost:

Meals & IE: $76 per day.

To ensure on time arrival and ability to take advantage of the full experience would request hotel for day before and day of the event. GSA Lodging per diem rates are $184 daily.

The total costs associated with attending this conference are: $1,245.00

The opportunity for me to develop valuable contact and comprehensive knowledge of current trends in the cyber security community. The ability to learn and gain skills on trend skills to build a robust cybersecurity strategy to assist securing the organization data through techniques that can be learned through the summit will again not only enhance my skillet professionally but also competitive advantage. My attendance at this summit will be great investment which will yield high turnover dividends.


Taj Oakley

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