research and evidence support the need for a change 9

Assignment Content

In this assignment you find evidence from literature and journals that supports the need for your proposed change.

Find a minimum of three original research articles to support your project and summarize each article in no more than 350 words per article. The articles must be:

â—¦ Peer reviewed

â—¦ Recent (published within 5 years)

â—¦ Statistically significant


Find current guidelines and summarize them in no more 350 words.

â—¦ Consider processes, policies, and clinical guidelines that relate to your chosen issue or problem.


In summary, this assignment will be composed of 4 components:

â—¦ Article 1 Summary

â—¦ Article 2 Summary

â—¦ Article 3 Summary

â—¦ Current Guidelines Summary

Ensure that you cite all reference sources in the body of the paper, and that you include a Reference Page that is formatted to APA v.6 guidelines. You must also use APA-compliant headings to organize the paper.

If you have any questions regarding APA formatting rules, it is recommended that you utilize resources available at the University’s Center for Writing Excellence.

***Submit this assignment as a single APA-formatted paper; do not submit the above components separately.***

***Please do not submit PDFs of the articles that you use for the assignment***

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