research based argumentative essay format using proper apa style

Please see attachment for rubric.

I have been working with the reading: Turkle, S. “How Computers Change the Way We Think” pp. 721-727

Please I need this to have 0% similitude (plagiarism) as this is the final assignment for this class.

Now that you have created a thorough outline, you should continue to expand the material in essay format using proper APA style. Additionally, you will need to show competency in constructing a research-based argumentative piece of writing. To meet that goal, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 1200-1350 words.
  • Format using 6th edition APA requirements to include an abstract of about 150 words.
  • Use at least four sources, including the source from your text, two sources from Keiser’s e-Library, and one additional credible source.
  • No block quotes should be included.
  • Use integrated quotes only.
  • Do not use section headers.
  • No visuals should be used. Narrative material only.
  • No more than 20% of the paper should be from quoted source support.
  • Use objective point of view only.
  • Use argumentative and academic language only.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and critical analysis skills.

Comments from instructor on the recently turned in outline assignment:

– The thesis needs to be one sentence that contains the position plus the three supporting elements.

– You have a strong outline. My greatest concern is that there isn’t a clear argument or persuasive position. This is because there isn’t a clear thesis at the moment. Work on that for the final assignment.

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