research essay outline on edm soft shell theory

topic chosen: How EDM culture has changed through soft shell theory to mainstream industry based festivals.

Attached bellow are the guidelines to the research paper. ON there i choose option one- Critical review. read that

but we are just making an outline for the essay what my teacher wants for the outline is below

Also attached below is the reading i’m using from class reading on soft shell theory please use that to reference and use as one of your sources others you can find online.

Outline guidelines — you can choose either bullet points or prose reflection.

Please write a page to 1 1/2 pages, describing the topic you have chosen. You should both state your topic as well as describe the approach you are planning to take either (1) as an outline of the essay with bullet points or (2) as a prose reflection on the topic, consisting of a couple paragraphs. Describe both your thesis and the approach, and remember that the thesis will help to provide you with a specific lens, so that you do not feel obligated, for example, to review every track on an album. If you are still struggling between a couple of topics, you can also write about which topics you are strongly considering for this initial outline. Finally, include at least two of the four sources you plan to cite in a bibliography. Keep in mind that this outline does not commit you to this approach. You can change sources and approaches, etc. – or in some cases, your topic – if you find that the essay takes a different direction during the writing process.

Identify a single key word, phrase, or thesis from one of the course readings or documentaries. Analyze the ways in which the concept as it is utilized or defined in the text is useful (or not) in understanding electronic music and dance culture. Use at least one additional course reading and one outside source substantively and accurately to support your claim – and be sure to account for opposing views

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