research paper 1687

Research Paper Draft 1 due by 3/13 at 11.59 p.m.

Assignment Instructions:


Suggested Development:

Begin with an Introduction which should:

  • Include a statement of your Research Question
  • Mention the Theoretical Framework/s that you will use
  • Explain the nature and significance of your topic
  • End with your hypothesis

In the Body of the paper you should:

  • Define key terms and concept
  • Define the argument within which your research is intervening
  • Use case and theoretical materials together
  • Support claims with evidence
  • Use well-written paragraphs that open with a topic sentence and are narrowly focused on a single issue
  • Put your authors in conversation with each other—most of your paragraphs should reference at least two authors

You will not be ready to write a Conclusion yet, as you have much more research, reading, and thinking to do

End with a Works Cited page, written in MLA format, on a separate additional page.

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